Speciality Healing


*provided only by Founder Gudni Gudnason


Many people suffer in our society from what we call ancestral “demons.” These energies flow through people’s lineage (family line) and often affect repetitive behaviour in the family.  When you spot a trend of negative experiences or behaviours that seems to repeat through family lineage, this is often an ancestral demon. By doing this Ancestral work you are doing the highest service for your own family by releasing the “demons” hold on your lineage and breaking free from these energies, thus allowing your family the freedom to choose differently. This not only benefits your loved ones but you as well and your life will improve drastically. We have seen miracles happen since the Ancestral clearing sessions: Substance abuse, mental struggles, many forms of family issues and more, suddenly coming to an end, people have come out of fear and become stronger individuals, and many have found their joy again as most have had great healing from this.

If you are interested in the Ancestral Scan and Reading, your genealogy is required on the day of your session.

This scan and reading are step one of this process. Follow-up work, travel and expenses, will be required if you choose to move forward with the clearing work itself.  Additional expenses involved with the clearing work are dependant on individual circumstances and may be substantial.

Initial Investment for the scan and reading portion only$5000.00 USD

Deposit: $2000.00 USD non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.


*provided only by Founder Gudni Gudnason

This session is for those who have truly left an old life, an old pattern behind.  Often in life when we change ourselves, although we personally have changed, we still drag the Karma of previous behaviours with us.  The Karmatic Session removes Karma for those who truly have made a change and have moved themselves into a new way and energy.  For those who feel they need that extra push into the new paradigm, or wish to leave the “old way/old life” behind, this is a session that will benefit you greatly.

Investment: $700.00

Contact Modern Mystery School to book your session with Gudni Gudnason. 




*provided only by Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

This amazing empowerment modality comes to us from deeper teachings of Ritual Mastery and combines energies and teachings from Kabbalah, 16 Gates Philosophy and Enochian Magick. In this session Dave will first activate the 16 gates and vibrate them at their correct frequency (which will create healing and re-balancing to the body) and then open the Gate of Transformation to allow the energy of Manifestation to come to you. Then he will wrap you in the Blanket of Purity from the Hermetic Ray and cause a cleansing effect to occur in your energy field.

The effects of this work is that you will have more clarity for life and understanding your life better, from a much deeper sense than before. You will be able to shift from old ways and move into new more beneficial ways of living. It will assist you in transforming beyond your old life patterns and you will see yourself in a new light, open to all possibilities and allowing yourself to be all that you are capable of being.



*provided only by Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

This transformational modality takes the client on a journey through the Watchtowers. Infusing every level of their spiritual DNA and Dimensional-self with Light.

Further it also:

  1. Cleanses you of all misguided energy and releases negative Karma for your energy System
  2. Awakes a new vision of the possibilities of your life. Opening your mind to a greater concept of yourself.
  3. Engages and amplifies your inner strength and light.
  4. It rebirths you into a new way of life, massively improving your life in Joy and Abundance.

Most importantly it lights up the entire Spiritual DNA structure and all it’s sub-structures infusing all levels of yourself in all dimensions in a way no other modality on earth can do.


Contact Modern Mystery School to book your session with Dave Lanyon.


provided only by Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, as well as Liza Rossi, Martina Coogan and Peter Lozano.

Using the magick of God’s holy Angels, in this session, the 16 gates of your perception will be sealed with this
angelic Enochian energy. This enables you to avoid energetic waste and leakages. After this session you will be refreshed and renewed, with a greater sense of physical energy and clarity of mind and spirit.

Some other benefits of receiving the Enochian Sealing:

– Clearing resistances to moving forward in your life

– Removing obstacles and blockages from you fulfilling your destiny

– The ability to use far more energy in your daily life

– Huge clearing of negative energies out of your aura

– Extra protection in your aura from damage





The Holy God Matrix Realignment is a Master Healing Modality that will revolutionize your life. This method brings you back to the original God Self and brings balance to your complete energy system, both magnetic, auric, chakras, neurological and yantra energies. If you are lucky and receive a 12th Codan reading as well, then this will bring you much deeper information then anything you have ever received before.


**Please note that this is a baseline price based on an international index and does not include taxes. Individual practitioners may charge more for this service.

The above healings can only be provided by the following Certified Healing Practitioners and International Instructors. Contact Modern Mystery School to find out who in your area can provide these services. 

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