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Halloween donation another opportunity for healing

Christina Lozano

by Kathleen Petersen

NOVEMBER 16, 2017 ~ We have another amazing update to share about the service that MMS has been doing for Women’s Habitat shelter in Toronto:

Healing can happen in many different ways. When you are a child and single mother seeking refuge from abuse, life can easily slip into survival mode. Within the Mystery School tradition and teachings, we have the keys and tools to thrive in life – not just survive! The team at Modern Mystery School International Headquarters has been working with a local women’s shelter for several years to support the families there to be able enjoy and celebrate life, in the midst of their transition and journey to wholeness.

Most recently, for Halloween this year, MMS donated costumes, decorations, stickers and party supplies to the Women’s Habitat in Etobicoke.

In a heart-felt show of gratitude, the manager, Lina Almanzan, wrote MMS a letter and poignantly noted: “Every time you donated a gift for the women and children you have given an opportunity for healing.”

As initiates, we know and understand that we are not physical beings here to have a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings here to have a physical experience – and to live that life to its fullest with joy and empowerment. We want to lead by example, show the way, and when necessary, provide that opportunity for those in need.

The donations last month allowed for a celebration to take place, the kids to fully participate in school events, and, of course, the most exciting thing for them: trick or treating. One little girl, who recently moved to the shelter was overjoyed to receive her mini-mouse costume: “Thanks to you and everyone who contributed, she was ready to be a kid, part of a neighborhood, looking forward to play and, of course, ask for candies.”

MMS has more projects in the works with this shelter, and is gearing up for another exciting Holiday party in December with at risk pre-teen and teen girls.


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Kathleen Petersen

Kathleen Petersen is the Director of Administration and Charitable Contributions for Modern Mystery School Western World HQ as well as an International Specialty Instructor. Her kind demeanor and easy-going approach to life rub off on everyone she encounters. It was her initiation as Healer and Guide into the Lineage of King Salomon that amplified Kathleen’s natural ability to flow this Light and love energy. Kathleen is an engaging and dynamic teacher, who always takes the extra step to make the necessary connections. Kathleen’s energy is always warm and welcoming, which makes everyone feel instantly comfortable. She always comes from a place of sincerity and a complete willingness to serve. Kathleen’s ultimate mission is to help open the door to choice and transformation, so that everyone can see their personal path to empowerment.