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I am Goddess – Cultures: Messages for Women Around the World!

Aleks Ceho

by Franca Lanyon

This series of photos and inspirational words is a continuation of the I AM GODDESS vision created by Franca Lanyon – International Instructor and CEO of Modern Mystery School Canada. These images contain messages for women all over the world inspired by the beautiful goddesses all over the world who are a part of the King Salomon Lineage through the Modern Mystery School.













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About The Author

Franca Lanyon

Franca Lanyon is the CEO of Modern Mystery School Canada as well as an International Instructor specializing in the areas of Alchemy, Wicca and Healing. Franca combines her passion and her practical understanding of the Lineage teachings with the goal of making these tools transformational in everyday life. As the Laboratory Master at Rosarium Labs, Franca uses the alchemical and Wiccan teachings to create beautiful, powerful and potent recipes that are enjoyed by initiates all over the world. Through the power of both the tools and knowledge that the Mystery School tradition holds, Franca works daily to empower others in every part of the world.