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man holding compass in the woods

MMS International

The Mission

by Ipsissimus Dave "Thor" Lanyon

Modern Mystery School INT

Christina Lozano

The compass is set. Coordinates confirmed. Destination: World Peace. It is and always has been the ultimate mission of the Mystery School lineages. A dedicated international team is on this mission and they have a lot to share with you about their journey. Welcome to our international collective of articles. Information, wisdom and knowledge shared by an international team of …



Why is the Moon So Important to Spirituality?

by Martina Coogan

Modern Mystery School EU

Christina Lozano

It is without question that the moon has great spiritual significance, even if we sometimes don’t realise it. The first hunter-gatherers looked skyward with reverence, seeing the patterns that connected the moon to the world around them, and to their own spirits and bodies.

man in field meditating


10 Best Albums of Music for Meditation

by Osiris Indriya

Blessotera Center - Seattle

Christina Lozano

Meditation music is an interesting concept because the goal of meditation is to empty the mind of thoughts (or at least detach ourselves from them). Mediation is something we carry with us that requires nothing other than our dedication to doing it. And yet… music can be an amazing enhancement to the process.



Altar Magick: How to Create a Personal Altar

by Vanessa Nova

Activate Austin - Texas

Christina Lozano

Your personal altar is a place where you can be reminded of who you truly are. We are eternal spiritual beings living a physical existence! Creating an altar creates a physical anchor for all of the energies of creation, a sacred space to ground these spiritual energies into our physical lives. Creating your own personal altar can be an expression …



Self Love = Body Love

by Jenna Case

The Sanctuary - Minneapolis

Christina Lozano

Most of my life I struggled with body image issues. A lot of these issues started to develop in junior high and early high school. I was always a little curvier than most girls. I had bigger thighs, and noticed that I wore a bigger pant size than many of my friends. I didn’t appreciate those parts of me and …



5 Top Inner Qualities of Transformational Leaders

by Theresa Bullard

Mysterium Center - California

Christina Lozano

A Transformational Leader is someone who wants to evolve to their greatest self, help others do the same, and together create a positive impact in the world. A transformational leader works hard to fulfill a MISSION, rather than seeing their work as just a “job” or a “career”. They further use their passion for the mission to inspire others to …


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