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Sacred Geometry 6 – T.O.

Become a practitioner of the Core Will Infusion healing modality!

The will of the higher self always desires good, however at times we are not always in alignment with that Will. By clearing and cleaning up the etheric structure, you become more balanced between the Will of God, Will of the Universe & Nature and the Will of Humans. This creates immense clarity of life and purpose, and opens up the mind to allow the self to be affected by the true Will of God. This modality enhances the connection with the spiritual self while having more reverence for the experience of Life.

DATE: Sunday, April 19th, 2020

TIME: 11 am 

LOCATION: Modern Mystery School, 41 International Blvd., Etobicoke, ON

REQUIRED LEVEL OF INITIATION: Certified Life Activation Practitioner

PRE-REQUISITE: Sacred Geometry Level 5. Also must have received the Core Will Infusion Session within the past 6 months.  


Class cost itself is $520 + tax

Healing cost is $385 + tax

Package cost for class as well as your Healing session $825 + tax



$200 for the class only

$400 for the class and healing package

 *Please note your deposit is non-refundable/non-transferable.

AUDIT: $230.00

Deadline for registration is Tuesday, April 14th,2020

The appointment for your healing must be arranged at the time of registration.

Advanced registration is required. Please contact Modern Mystery School Administration to place your deposit.



PHONE: 416-625-3470

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