Ritual Master: Apprentice of Practical Magick (2.5) – T.O.

DATE: May 23-24, 2020

START TIME: 10 a.m.


This is your final step before preparing for third step. Here the Ritual Master that starts their training in Higher Magick starting with Sigils, Seals and Magickal spells. The Apprentice begins moving deeper into the knowledge of the 3.0 Ritual Master which is the last initiation received. This is done with preparation through training in the PRIMA, SECUNDA and TRES! This level has no Initiation; instead, it contains the beginning of the deepest and most sacredly held Ritual Master training and knowledge. Prepare to open the Gates of Mystery…

Ritual Master Apprentice (RM 2.0)

Consistent work in Temples
WOL attendance and Initiation.
Regularly Gridding
See application for full requirements

Application process is in effect! Application form will be sent during the registration process.

$4000 USD + tax  / $5400 CAD + tax
**$500 USD admin fee applies if booked after April 17th, 2020

DEPOSIT : $1000 USD  / $1350 CAD

Payments can be made in either cash or credit card.

AUDIT: By request only. Please email Kathleen at kpetersen@modernmysteryschoolint.com


Advanced registration is required. 

To book, please contact info@modernmysteryschoolint.com or call Toll Free 

1-(877)-275-1383 (in North America)

Booking Cut-off date: April 17th, 2020
A late registration fee of $500 USD is applied to registrations received after this date.

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