What is A Mystery School


The secrets revealed, the truth unfolds…


Until very recently the mystery schools have been a very secret institution. The teachings of the mystery schools contain the innermost knowledge of life and these teachings are deeply rooted in the old shamanic knowledge and ways of wisdom. While these traditions and teachings can be found throughout history, the lineage of the mystery schools can be traced back 3,500 years ago to the time of King Salomon the Great.


The mystery schools have long held and protected the ancient wisdom of the world. The schools primary duty was to serve the light and keep the ancient knowledge alive. Many forces on the planet have attempted to remove or eliminate this knowledge from the Earth. For within these teachings are the greatest secrets the world has ever known; the greatest power that has ever been available to humankind!


There was a time when we used to live by these teachings and think and act according to certain ways of mystery. However, this way of life was “lost” to the masses in the Middle Ages and the mystery schools were forced to go underground in order to preserve and keep safe these sacred and ancient teachings.


Because of the massive shifts in energy occurring on our planet today, the mystery schools are now releasing these ancient teachings for first time ever to the public. This is happening because we as humans are now ready. We are more evolved spiritually than ever before in our human history.


For this is the time that we may now return to the Garden of Eden. We are ready to take the next step forward in our evolution and become ‘god like beings’ here on this planet so that the great plan from the Light can become a reality. That plan is one of expanding light into all parts of the universe. As initiates, we become a vital part of this plan and we become a part of the administration of the HIERARCHY for the purpose of this great work.



Defining Qualities of a Mystery School:


wiamms3It is an ancient school with closely held wisdom and teachings that have been preserved for the benefit of humanity.


These teachings are passed down through the oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation. This has been the way of all great and true teachings on the planet. A true mystery school would never accept ‘energetic downloads’, channelled teachings or the ‘instant’ creation of Masters or Teachers.


The teachings and tools handed down lead the seeker towards the evolution and awakening of the soul, and to the reclamation of one’s spiritual self.


The school and its teachings have an ancient, unbroken lineage, in which the power of that lineage is transferred through a physical initiation. This physical initiation empowers an initiate on their life path as they strive to achieve their full potential and life purpose here. The power of the lineage and the physical initiation it entails also helps an initiate gain a greater connection to God and therefore the Great Work. This has been done with every Master of Light who has ever walked the earth, including Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Quan Yi, etc.


It is indeed a great privilege to be accepted as part of this path.



Modern Mystery School Beliefs:


1. That all Humans have free agency to act upon Will.


2. That all Humans already possess all the answers and all the knowledge they need for this earthly mission.


3. That each Human is his/her own best teacher.


4. That all Humans are good in their hearts and in the very essence of who and what they are.


5. That by joining together in the service of and for the Light, we as Light Workers can help the human condition and the human race develop towards a better future.


6. That the tools and methods taught to us by those further on the path are indeed Holy and will help us as individuals become more of the Light and therefore have less resistance to the Light.


7. That there is a God, whatever we may call God, God is a Human in form and God is a Woman and a Man who together created this Universe that we live in and gave us this possibility of a human body so that we might one day become Gods ourselves and thus continue to live as Eternal Beings.



Why Do Mystery Schools Exist?


Mystery schools exist because life itself produces so many mysteries, such as the cycle of life and death, love, birth, who and what is GOD and the workings of the universe. We have always been on a quest to discover more about the deeper workings of this existence and it is the mystery schools that hold this knowledge. One of the deepest mysteries is the mystery of the Self; therefore the ancient decree of these esoteric schools has always been ‘Know Thyself’.


The schools deeper teachings help us answer questions such as:


  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Where do I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my purpose?


The Shamanic societies understood and taught this, but as we developed into a modern culture we lost the true understanding of these mysteries, and the keepers of this knowledge went underground. Since that time, these teachings have been referred to as the Hidden Knowledge.



How Many Schools are There?


There are seven great schools in existence throughout the world. Each school has various ‘satellite schools’ located around the globe to help spread the light and do service for those in need. The seven great schools are located in the United States, England, Romania, Australia, Japan, Tibet and Africa. The only school of the seven great schools that is open to the public is the Modern Mystery School. All other schools are by invitation only.



The Modern Mystery School


The lineage of the Modern Mystery School (MMS) dates back to the times of King Salomon and has therefore, over 3,500 years of history and lineage. While the mystery school tradition is much older than that, the lineage of the MMS and its teachings can be verified and traced back to the teachings of King Salomon himself. The teachings of the mystery school are the same as they have been for the last 3,500 years or more.


SchoolThe MMS is an authentic mystery school in the lineage of King Salomon. The school conducts teachings of the great mysteries and the old magick of the ages. The school has the lineage and the authority that is needed for such a school of power and it has opened its doors for all to receive this knowledge in accordance with the new law of the universe, NO MORE SECRETS !


The MMS is dedicated to the wisdom of all true magick, both in the old tradition and in the new energy. We study and practice those methods which have proven to bring results into our physical reality, as the true nature of magick is to manifest in the physical the things that one desires, as long as those desires come forth from a pure ego. This, therefore, is the true nature of the Ritual Master Program, the purification of the ego. For those seeking to improve their ability to heal themselves and others, the school also offers the Teachers and Healers Program as well as Guide Training.


The MMS represents a unity of people calling ourselves Light Workers that believe in the one GOD, whatever name is chosen for that GOD. We believe in the goodness of the human race and that humility and service are the keys to Heaven and our return there. We know that we are an Eternal Being that will always be. We honour this experience on this planet as a learning opportunity and we embrace it as that. Love is the energy that we endeavour to live by and direct towards our thoughts, ideas and actions that become the manifested materia of this life.


The MMS does not represent any religion or political ideas. Its sole interest lies in the powers that enhance our lives in a positive way. It is a free haven in this world of chaos where students can freely seek knowledge about their own life lessons. We see all things in an eternal perspective and we accept all persons equally without prejudices towards any race, color, or circumstances.


We offer many teachings all over the world that are taught by Master Teachers which have been initiated into the lineage and the authority of King Salomon the Great. It is our lineage that makes this a unique school, as it is one of the few authentic mystery schools on the planet.


All true seekers of spiritual life are invited to partake in the revealing of the Great Mysteries of Life. The MMS is in direct contact with the HIERARCHY of Light and draws upon the powers of Heaven and the Universe for the work and teachings conducted by the school. We help the people of earth in the illumination and understanding of the mysteries. We believe that “Knowledge is the People’s Right”.


This is the core of the mystery school and the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT that conducts the work. The Head Master and Master Teachers of the mystery school are in constant contact with the HIERARCHY as well as the Masters of Light. The work of the school must be conducted without ego and decisions are made according to the highest good of all people.


The tradition of the mystery school is that of hope, optimism, joy, abundance and peace of mind. Such is the light and such is the life of those who choose to live in the light.


The MMS is one of the seven great mystery schools in the world. It has been charged with the preservation and handing down of the teachings to the public. Of the seven great schools, the MMS is the only one open to the public. It is the only school to publicly advertise and promote the various initiations into The Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.


The MMS currently has centres located throughout Canada, The Uk, Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain, Japan, India, the United States, South Africa, Taiwan, the Philippines and is constantly growing throughout the world.



Who is in charge of MMS Programs and Instruction?


Gudni GudnasonAs time moves on and the mysteries are taught in secrecy to those who are found worthy of these teachings, some of these individuals are then sent out into the world to teach, perhaps under another flag, but in essence the same teachings.


One such individual was Gudni Gudnason. Gudni has traveled all over the world in order to further his studies. During the course of his life he was trained in many other mystery schools including, Tibet, Africa, and Romania, as well as being initiated into the Celtic, Norse and Egyptian mysteries.


In 1996 Gudni was summoned to North America to take over the leadership of the MMS. He was handed down the leadership of the school in an ancient native ceremony and since then Gudni has served as the catalyst to take these teachings out to the public, both in North America and around the world.


For over thirty years Gudni was taught directly from the masters of the mysteries and he now shares this knowledge with all those who choose to explore this path. He is dedicated to spreading the light, our mystery school traditions and its teachings all over the world.