Universal Kabbalah Program – N.J., USA

kabbalah imageUniversal Kabbalah 2017

with Joe’l Bocchino & Lorraine Henrich


Kabbalah 1: Sept. 16-17th, 2017
Kabbalah 2: Dec 16th, 2017
Kabbalah 3: March 24th, 2018
Kabbalah 4: June 29- July 1st, 2018

Join us for the 10 Month Ascension Program and unleash your hidden potential!


  • Accelerate your progression & increase productivity
  • Maximize brain function….. increasing intuition & creativity
  • Clear subconscious blocks to manifestation
  • Increase self-mastery & unlock hidden talents
  • Reduce mind chatter
  • And much more!


Universal Kabbalah is an ancient system that provides you with the keys to self-mastery, abundance & long lasting transformation. What makes this system so unique is the ascension process. Ascension is a spiritual and alchemical journey that allows you to integrate not only the knowledge, but also the energy and essence of the Tree of Life. As a result, you expand your awareness, awaken your true talents and achieve insights that will change your life forever.

Investment (based on Initiation level):

Total Cost: $3600 ($900/weekend)
Deposit: $400**

Healers Graduate (TAN)
Total Cost: $2800 ($700/weekend)
Deposit: $400**

Audit (Adept)
Total Cost: $1620 ($405/weekend)
Deposit: $200**

Audit (Healers Graduate TAN)
Total Cost: $1260 ($315/weekend)
Deposit: $200**

**Deposits are due prior to each weekend of Kabbalah 1-4

Early Registration Discounts:

If you register by March 1st, 2017 receive $100 off!

**if we have 20 new students by March 1st we have the option to start the class in the summer**

Deposits & Payment Thru:

PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/pay-online

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Montclair, NJ
Registration & Support:

Contact Kabbalah Instructor Apprentice:

Joe’l Bocchino @ 917-660-6455 or email registration to jrbocchino@synergisticsystems.org