The Modern Mystery School is an international community of Light workers, initiated in an ancient tradition of service, compassion and empowerment. We believe in the maxim of Know Thyself. To know yourself is to know others, to know the universe and to know God – by whichever name you choose to use.

A key to knowing yourself is to know your true purpose in life. To know your life’s purpose and live in alignment with it will create an experience of unprecedented joy and and a new level of fulfillment in your life.

The Modern Mystery School head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with practitioners and instructors all over the world, ready to support you as you delve into the profound process of self-discovery.  We are dedicated to your spiritual progression and the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. Through the enlightenment of you as an individual, we are creating a wave of change for the betterment of humanity and all beings on the planet.

Whether or not you came to this website intentionally or not, we welcome you! You are invited to embark upon a transformational journey that will definitely change your life, and that just might change the world.